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Two new boats. Ready to customize.

Photo from Duckflat Boatworks

Photo from Stray Dog Boatworks

Acorn 17' - Iain Oughtred Design

      A timeless lapstrake rowboat with a wineglass transom. I will add a removable sliding seat to provide a single rower with endless exercise opportunities. Two pair of traditional oarlocks will allow her to be rowed in tandem for a romantic picnic. Easily beached, docked, or trailered. 

Photo from Myfinewoodenskiff Blog

Photo from Doug Hylan Boats

Point Comfort 18' - Doug Hylan Design

     A Chesapeake Deadrise skiff that will turn heads in Maine waters. Helm at your center console and enjoy the sunshine while a couple friends look for seals. Comfortable, cool, and easy to maneuver. 10-25 Hp outboard. Admire on the mooring, tie to the slip, or trailer from home.

I intend to build 2-3 boats per year on spec for buyers to consider. I choose designs based on a variety of factors including demand, functionality, and aesthetics. I am also available for commission builds. Give me a call and I'd be happy to help you find the design that will best suit your goals. Having a boat built at Davis Small Craft will forever be a 1-on-1 experience.

Contact for inquiries

Launched June 2021 - Annapolis Wherry "Pebble"

The Annapolis Wherry combines the appearance of a classic whitehall with the performance of a lightweight rec shell. This car top-able pulling boat is stable enough to stand in but can sprint about 6 knots. It's comfortable in choppy water, and great for low impact exercise. I built this wherry for a college rower who frequently uses an erg machine at the gym and now can be on the water. Brass chafe guards match functional cleats. A glued up a sapele veneer on the transom compliments the gunwales and quarter knees. 

17'9" LOA

38" Beam

65 lbs of boat, 15 lb Piantedosi sliding seat unit

350 lbs capacity

Interlux Brightside light blue

Epifanes varnish

Similar designs: 

16' Mole - Iain Oughtred

17' Thames - Selway Fisher

18' Liz - Ken Basset

18' Expedition wherry - John Harris

18' Derwent skiff - Allan Witt

19'6" Petaluma - Watts et al

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